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Alife’n Massage℠ has a firm understanding about how trigger point release can make life more fulfilling and enjoyable for people living or working in the Houston, TX area. Clients love looking at the body chart on my office wall. The chart provides a greater understanding about what is involved with this fascinating part of massage therapy.

To understand this complicated modality, it is important to define what trigger points are. They are very tight bands and nodules that cause extreme sensitivity throughout the involved muscles. They hinder flexibility or range of motion, cause generalized and local pain, and lower energy levels. The effected muscles have to work harder to operate. I have acquired powerful trigger point massage techniques that benefit every clients.

When using trigger point release, I use my hands, palms, and fingers to force the involved muscle or nerve to relax. I choose the most appropriate trigger point release massage technique to lessen the damaging impulse responsible for causing the taut nodulated band. Depending upon the severity of the taut nodules and bands, this may require multiple treatments.

Some clients may not realize there is something wrong with their musculoskeletal system. There may be no notable pain throughout the day. Suddenly, they are visiting a general massage therapist and experience great pain when the professional lightly touches the area. They may notice a strange pain radiating from deep within certain muscle tissues. This pain may be a sign that there is a muscle lockup blocking energy release. I can help!

Clients love how I provide valuable information about the involved muscles, demonstrate how to perform at-home maneuvers, and explain why I am performing a certain trigger point release massage technique. I have a passion for helping my clients take control of their health!

Trigger point release is a natural way to enhance musculoskeletal functioning. Pick up the phone and talk with me at Alife’n Massage℠ when in the Houston, TX area. Schedule an appointment while slots are still open!