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Alife’n Massage℠ proudly offers superbly qualified deep tissue massage services to people in the Houston, TX area. Many people are uninformed about what this form of massage is, but by the time I explain it in easy-to-understand terms, the world of amazement and appreciation begins.

The body is constructed of layers of muscles upon muscles. Deep tissue massage is a specialized form of massage that focuses on relaxing muscle layers, one by one, until the specific area that is causing hindered mobility and functioning is reached for treatment. I assess every situation and determine what program and treatment technique best suits the purpose.

As a trained deep tissue massage therapist, I begin the process by obtaining valuable information from my clients. I will ask about medical history, medications, pain levels, involved areas, and other topics I feel are important. I use this information to develop programs.

Get a relaxing deep tissue massage available in the Houston, TX area by filling out my online form today to schedule an appointment. I will respond in a prompt and professional manner as soon as possible!