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Deep Tissue Massage | Alife'n Massage ℠ | Houston, TX | (713) 661-8008
Alife’n Massage℠ proudly offers superbly qualified deep tissue massage services to people in the Houston, TX area. Many people...
Trigger Point Release | Alife'n Massage ℠ | Houston, TX | (713) 661-8008
Alife’n Massage℠ has a firm understanding about how trigger point release can make life more fulfilling and enjoyable for people living...
Sports Massage | Alife'n Massage ℠ | Houston, TX | (713) 661-8008
Alife’n Massage℠ is known throughout the Houston, TX area as the place to turn for highly qualified sports massage services. Athletes...

Alife’n Massage℠ is a licensed massage therapy firm that has a mission of promoting optimal health.

Welcome to Alife'n Massage ℠

Alife’n Massage℠ provides a variety of qualified, reputable, and professional massage services to people throughout Houston, TX area. My slogan is “Less Pain- More Life.℠ Texas LMT # 117209.” I do whatever it takes to help my clients live a higher functioning life without the use of drugs, chemicals, or surgery.

Turn to me for expert massage therapist services including trigger point massage, Swedish massage, prenatal massage, myofascial release, reciprocal inhibition techniques, deep tissue massage, sports massage, and muscle energy techniques that are truly unique to the massage therapy world.

My specialized massage therapy services help provide pain relief for a sore back, sore muscles, and a sore neck. It helps relieve autism symptoms. My prenatal massage is known for reducing stress and tension. It improves overall relaxation. As a licensed massage therapist, I have key insight into offering the best services possible in all areas!

My deep tissue massage therapy service helps release energy throughout the body. As a highly trained deep tissue massage therapist, I customize my treatment program to release muscle tension, nerve bundles, and other facets. This lowers pain levels.

I offer sport massage therapy to athletes of all levels. I know how to customize massage to help athletes recover and recuperate from the chosen sport. I understand the sports physiology associated with each involved sport. Athletes hire me to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Nothing pleases me more than improving my client’s overall functioning level in the safest and most efficient manner possible. Find out how I can help in the Houston, TX area by calling to arrange a consultation. I work by appointment only and can ensure everyone that my appointment slots fill up quickly! I am proudly in demand, so call now!